Eimutis Markunas


Eimutis Markunas est un artiste qui vit et travaille à Kaunas en Lituanie. cette exposition est de le cadre des échanges d'artistes de la galerie 4,Barbier avec la Lituanie.


The idea of this installation was hitched by multifarious occupations, moving of the peoples and other extreme factors in the past, present and future life of the society. Flour, a material substance, a source of being, also is an axis of all conquests, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Boots requests for brutality, trample, and seizure. Requesting glance... These two substance I connect through sound - a piece "song" of composer V.Bartulis. This combination ensures to installation more wide and deep context.

E. Markunas
P.s. Huge thanks to maestro V.Bartulis.