Lucia david

"If God Was A Woman"

Creating a project for 4,Barbier, a Gallery that resembles a "vitrine" or a show-case, brouth to my mind a certain idea of voyeurism.

The work started to grow by looking at spots of intimate female life and to the underlining fabric of present female behaviour, thoughts or lifestyle.
Though researching issues around the religious beliefs of recent past, the interpretation of the female body as a commodity, or the influence of sexual education, and its misconceptions, in present society, I found the question that I wanted to pose to the audience:
We all want to believe that we are in an open, democratic society founded on free will, but in fact most of the time we find ourselves chocked by certain issues - those that weren't supposed to be taboos, and at the same time do we still conform to an old system created by males and wich underestimates women?......

... If back then Women would look up to saints, now they look up to the cinema and fake fashion goddesses. Sexuality plays the biggest role, not in a reproductive sense, but as beig a desirable sexuan partner. The new products are not only beaty products, but invasive plastic-surgery procedures - today a popular request among females, from teenagers to the old.